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Corporate Mission


disha is one of the richest states of India in terms of its mineral resources. It has 25% of country’s iron-ore and 33% of coal recoverable reserves. Iron-ore reserves found in the Banspani-Joda belt in North-East Odisha are considered one of the richest in the world. In consideration of the available resources a number of steel plants are coming up in the state. Besides, the steel plants of Jindal Steel & Power at Angul and Bhusan Steel Plant at Meramundali a number of steel plants have come up at Kalinganagar area. For the rail traffic movement, the east coast line between Nirgundi and Cuttack falling in the Howrah – Chennai main route, bears the heaviest pressure since it is required to deal with traffic from three directions. In this backdrop, Angul-Sukinda Rail Project line is coming up to provide connection between coal fields in Talcher to Banspani-Sukinda rail line. It will facilitate coal movement in one direction and iron-ore in reverse movement for steel plants in Angul sectors. It will also enable movement of lime-stone from Central India to Kalinganagar steel industry located in Sukinda sector. This line can prove a boon for steel plants in Jharsuguda area for bringing iron-ore from Banspani sector, consequent upon the doubling of Sambalpur-Talcher section, which is now underway. Thus, the planned infrastructure of Angul-Sukinda Rail line will act as key logistic link for the movement of vital commodities. The line will join at Baghupal, which is adjacent to Sukinda Road. Similarly, the line will take off from Talcher Road and here, a ‘Y’ connection towards Bhudhapank is proposed. At Baghuapal end ‘Y’ connection is proposed towards Tomka.